A Letter from The Founder

"We're committed to building stronger communities through service and it's time for our name to elevate to meet our mission."

Founder, Pat Brown

Dear Neighbors,

The "what" of our business is simple: we do odd jobs for local homeowners. The need is obvious and extreme. Baby boomers are getting older, there's always jobs to be done and nearly no one will do these jobs for an affordable rate.

However, there's far more to this business below the surface. Other companies are just focused on the tasks and getting on with your life. I'm focused on what goes on during those tasks internally and why they are happening.

A move isn't picking things up and down. It's normally moving a divorced family, or someone that's downsizing after a lifetime in a big home, or simply someone who needs a new start. A junk removal could be throwing away belongings from someone who has passed, a life full of memories, or maybe just helping declutter someone's life that's buried in junk. Painting is a fresh start. A landscape is something beautiful to start your day when you leave your home and an event can be helping make someone's special wedding day magical.

All these "odd jobs" have deep character building elements for the Local Workers to allow them to learn hard work, interpersonal skills and what it means to Surv someone else.

In a world that has an increasing divorce and depression rate and is strongly divided politically, what we need more than ever is each other.

My goal is to build a business that allows us to fulfill the mission we were built for through genuine community. We believe in forming authentic community through Agape (loving our neighbors), promoting full life, and meeting all needs within a community. Surv is a marketplace that allows "community service" to take place full time. We take members of a community, give them jobs, and have them go Surv their neighbors together.

Pushing this heart and this why model breaks through all of the fancy marketing and promotions of competitors because what people desperately need is the why. For redemption in their lives, to have hope, to feel loved in the most intense times, to feel connected to where they live and to have people pour into their lives.

I see a time where we've redefined the first job for young adults, where there really isn't a gap between generations/races/political parties/financial classes and despite our differences, we are able to all feel and respect each other as one. Young adults will know their purpose, know who loves them and struggle far less with mental health.

Finally, I believe there will be a time where the local community is filled with Agape love and is able to truly love and surv one another so there actually is "No Need Among Us".

The most loving person in history was Jesus and how he went viral was not from big public acts of greatness but one on one acts of love. He performed miracles and afterwards told people to "go and tell no one". You can never underestimate what a simple act of love can do.

That's our business, that's our heart, join us in our mission.

Patrick Brown

Founder of Surv

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