We "Surv" Homeowners and Local Workers For us, it's more than an odd-job.

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About Us

About Surv By Rent Sons

What We Do

The "what" of our business is simple: we do odd jobs for local homeowners. But our focus is on the "why" behind the need for help. A move isn't picking things up and down. It's moving a divorced family, someone who's downsizing after a lifetime in a big home, or simply someone who needs a new start. Junk removal could be throwing away belongings from someone who has passed, a life full of memories, or maybe just helping declutter someone's home buried in junk. Painting is a fresh start. A landscape is something beautiful to start your day when you leave your home, and an event can help make someone's special wedding day magical. 

Our vision at Surv By Rent Sons

Our Vision

Create communities across America where young adults have a purpose-driven job available to meet the community's needs.

Our mission at Surv By Rent Sons

Our Mission

Building stronger communities through service. For us, it's more than an odd job. By connecting Neighbors with hardworking Local Workers, we build lasting relationships that can uplift a community.

"There's something bonding about putting your hands in the dirt together." Bente, Surv Neighbor

Surv owner, Patrick Brown

Our Founder, Patrick Brown

After founding the nation's largest water special effects company, AQUA, Pat Brown revisited the business he used to pay for college because he saw a deeper purpose. In 2017, he lost his best friend to addiction and another friend who took their life. Pat's goal for Surv is to build a business that allows us to fulfill the mission we were built for through genuine community.

At Surv, we believe in forming an authentic community through Agape (loving our neighbors), promoting a full life, and meeting all needs within a community. Surv is a marketplace that allows "community service" to occur full-time. We take members of a community, give them jobs, and have them go Surv their neighbors together.

Pushing this heart and this why model breaks through all of competitors' fancy marketing and promotions because what people desperately need is the why.

That’s our business and our heart. Join us in our mission!

Our Local Workers

Surv's Local Workers are people in your community who care about your needs and where they live. We take the hiring process seriously and consistently work to create a friendly, hard-working, and reliable community of workers.

Local workers

How We Build Our Team

  • Recruit: Look for people who are oriented around serving others. These are lifestyle-driven people who see a deeper purpose in helping their community.
  • Vet: Recruits go through an interview (phone & in-person), background check, and reference check.
  • Train: Pair everyone with our foreman mentors with extensive experience in odd jobs and growing our workers as individuals.

Our Local Workers Are Always:

Trained and vetted
Hired locally
On time and polite

How We Can Help

Need help with a job? Whether it's painting, local moving, decluttering, junk removal, or odd jobs, we’d love to help! Browse our website to learn more about the jobs we do or contact us to Book a Job.

Interested in joining our team? Surv currently has teams in Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Browse our Job Opportunities.

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